Kreasoma – Works with individual development and the development of business and organization

Kreasoma stands on three legs

The first leg is a program for the rehabilitation of alcohol and drug abuse. We work together with FVK AB in Sweden, Spain and India. The program is called Retreat and Recover (RAR).

The second leg is business and organizational development. We work in groups to jointly develop business.

The third leg is the managerial counselling, which can be done in groups and individually.

Our educational model is based on the firm belief that the person who asks also has the answer and we use the group to mirror, question and develop. Our words are easy in mind, playfulness and curiosity. Our aim is to contribute to efficiency, responsibility and development

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Alchohol and Drug Treatment

Reatreat And Recover – RAR

Our mission – with RAR – is to offer an exclusive meeting place for people in need of recovery, reflection and change.

We provide a healthy distance to daily life and a whole new scene. We organize a healthy break with integrity.

All types of addiction are with the right types of interventions treatable. What is required of the individual is a will to make a change. We then offer the individual an opportunity to make that change. Our basic belief is that all people are worth a life without alcohol or drug addiction.

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The treatment takes place in scenic southern India

During our four weeks, for alcohol and drug treatment, we offer a structured program for body, mind and soul. The program is based on the latest research on change processes and how we as individuals make their own changes. After prolonged abuse, it is important to offer body recovery and we offer ayurvedic treatments as well as good and healthy food, all in order to facilitate a quick recovery. In order to restore the soul, we also work with yoga and meditation.

Men and women in senior positions in business, public and non-governmental organizations,
Men and women who need a timeout because they are mentally and mentally exhausted due to the extensive use of alcohol and drug use, to cope with everyday life.

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Manager’s Counselling

Counselling in group

We offer a forum for councelling and experience exchange for managers in the same or in the corresponding organizations. Our experience is to be a manager and leaders can be experienced solely while managers and leaders often have similar problems and development areas.

We offer managers in the same organization group counselling to work together with common problems, to develop or to discontinue business. Executive teams working together with their entire skills make a strong change force and contribute vitality to the organization.

Another way to develop managers is to meet others in similar organizations. Surprisingly often, managers have similar problems and exchanging experience with others contributes to insights and problem solving in their own organization. Other executives and colleagues become important call partners and inspire action.

Being new as a manager is perceived to be extra lonely and vulnerable. The pressure to succeed can be experienced extraordinarily. A great way is to meet colleagues in the same situation. We offer new managers to meet together to exchange experiences and solve problems.

Once you have been a manager for a long time, you may need a new mission and inspiration. How to do others to continue. How do they motivate themselves? What problems do they have and how do they solve them? We offer experienced managers to meet together to exchange experiences and solve problems.

Our model is based on eight supervision exercises per year (four per semester). Each tutorial will cover 3 times 45 minutes. At first and last time 4 times 45 minutes.

Organizational Development

Organizational development in group

We offer a form of group counselling focusing on organizational development. This may affect the development of existing operations, develop new operations and discontinue all or part of the business.

We assume that the activities can be seen from four complementary approaches:

How is the work organized efficiently?

How is people motivated and trained?

What power relationships are in the organization and the group?

How do vision and ideas develop?

In order to be able to understand together the conditions that apply to the organization, we first make an analysis of the organizational surrounding. The group makes an inventory of the organization’s environment. What requirements are made for the organization and expectations are there, what resources are the organization financially and personally and what legitimacy.

The counselling usually starts with individual problem inventory and the group determines which area to be prioritized. We use the four approaches in both the problem inventory phase and the problem solving phase. The group works in stages with analysis and suggestions in both smaller and larger groups. Work in the smaller and even in the larger groups is documented by the group participants.

The group work is documented on a regular basis and explained. The observer compiles this material and within a few days the group will receive it.

Our model is based on eight counselling exercises per year (four per semester). Each will cover 3 times 45 minutes. At first and last time 4 times 45 minutes.

Other activities

We can tailor activities with you and your organization, for example:

Planning days and business planning

We work with your organization with the aid of group supervision, planning days, to provide support for business planning.

Our method of group supervision is a good tool for workgroups and organizations to implement planning days and at the same time provide support for business planning.

Councelling with employees from different organizations

We offer a forum for employees in similar positions from different organizations to meet. The purpose is to create an activity-developing experience exchange with common problems and solutions.